Identity Design

Brand Assets
3D Design
Cover Artwork
Audio Reactive Visuals
We were given the opportunity to develop the visual language of bitbird's newest album, it's cover art, as well as taking charge of the livestream campaign to promote the release.
The brand concept and strategy was focussed on three key elements of this new release. First, through this release bitbird aimed to bring people together from different cultures, all around the world, under one flag. Because of music. Second, bitbird aimed to stay together through their social channels of which Discord was particularly defining for this campaign. Third and last, through coming together and staying together bitbird aimed to work together, of which this release is the literal outcome.
"create forever. create together"
This strategy is translated throughout the entire brand asset collection, as well as in the cover artwork and livestream visuals.
To promote the release of the album we created the complete livestream, from beginning to end. This included designing and animating the framework, creating 3D transitions between livestream sets and creating fully custom audio reactive visuals. The livestream of 8,5 hours total was created from A to Z and ready to stream in under one week.
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