Ghost Stories
D-Block & S-te-fan
Experience Design
Interactive Filter
How can we boost organic engagement through interaction while, at the same time, promoting upcoming tracks by one of the biggest names in the Hard Dance industry?
The Challenge
That was the question we needed to develop an answer to. D-Block & S-te-fan recently started their live act Ghost Stories, relying heavily on storytelling through cinematic productions as well as performances. They were looking for ways to extend the hype evolving around D-Block & S-te-fan through Ghost Stories. The newest addition to their discography, Lake of Fire, was set to be released on February 11th. That was an important release for which our project needed to be ready to implement. So we knew we had to come up with a solution, design and develop it, all within a month.
The Concept
Ghost Stories' brand identity mostly resolves around their face mask, featuring the iconic ghost logomark. To spread brand awareness, the solution would have to be built around their identity. But how could someone, especially with the COVID-19 circumstances, be able to interact with the Ghost Stories face mask from their own environment?
That's how we came up with the idea to develop the Ghost Stories Instagram Filter. Not only would this spread brand awareness and create an interaction between fans and the Ghost Stories brand. This would also heavily increase the organic engagement through photos and videos captures with the lens and shared with the world.
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